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Vegetable Oils and Fats Industrialists Association(BYSD) was founded on 28th February 1975, bringing together the entire community of Turkish vegetable oils and fats industry. Membership includes all industrial concerns in the production of crude, refined and hydrogenated oils and fats.

The main objective of the association is to supply vegetable oils and fats demand of the country through domestic production using domestically grown oilseeds and to enhance solidarity among members, protecting their rights and interests.

The association has achieved these objectives to a great extent. All margarine producers are members, as well as a great majority of the crushers, crusher refiners and pure refiners. Today it has reached to a total of 57 members.

Since its foundation, the association has been influential in settling various issues in Ankara, such as the licence allocation problems in 1970s, funds in import transactions in 1980s and seed sales of Trakya Birlik( the sunflower co-operative). In year 2002, BYSD played an important role in the formation of the new regulation of import duty structure with respect of the benefit of the industry and as well as the country. The main concern in all these activities has been to protect the national interests and to take responsibility in Turkey’s agricultural planning process..

Vegetable Oils and Fats Industrialists Association of Turkey has been targeting to spread its activities to all its members by holding meetings of the executive board in several regions of the country and organising sector meetings and conferences in Istanbul .

Another important responsibility of the association is to represent Turkey at relevant international platforms. BYSD is a member of AOCS (American Oil Chemists’ Society) and IASC. In August 2002, it was a great honour for the association, to host the AOCS World Conference and Exhibition on Oilseed and Edible Industrial and Specialty Oils, in Istanbul .

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